Trumpaca best President. Make Bolivia GREAT again!

Trumpaca Bolivian Legend!

Trumpaca already legendary in all Bolivia Trumerica as Businessalpaca, TV Personality, and Author. Now Trumpaca Trumerica President too.

Throughout life, Trumpaca model self on hero, Donald Trump, so when Donald say he "Make America GREAT again!" Trumpaca decide to "Make Bolivia Trumerica  GREAT again!"

Donald Trump my HERO!
Trump American Legend!

With Trump as Hero/Mentor, Trumpaca  best choice of leader for troubled Bolivia Trumerica. Trumpaca have words, great words, best words. Have ideas, great ideas, BEST IDEAS!

Bomb Al Guanaco

Al Guanaco Terrorist threaten Bolivia Trumerica Way of Life, so Tumpaca no mess around.

Bomb Shit out of Terrorist.

Finish job once and for all.

Build Border Wall

Border between Bolivia Trumerica and Peru 650 miles long, maybe longer. Nobody sure, because most of it jungle. Very dangerous. Many surveyor lost and eaten.

Wall require many brick. Also require Underwater Bricklayer for Lake Titicaca.

Not pay Debts

Bolivia National Debt currently B 75,951,955.58*. That about USD 10,970,000.00. That not pocket change.

Trumpaca make national debt go away overnight. Bolivia owe much money. But Trumpaca rename country Trumerica. Trumerica have no debt. Trumpaca BEST president.

Trumerica is BACK!

Make Bolivia GREAT again!

* Bolivia Currency have name on international currency market. It called BOB. It friendly currency, good to go out for beer with, as long as you the one buying round. Trumpaca change this. Turn BOB into Trumpollar! Turn friendly currency into feared monetary unit. Trumpollar not to be laughed at!