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Trumpaca respect Opponent!

Trumpaca LOVE Everyone!
Even Opponent! Not hold grudge to anyone!

Trumpaca not want to appear Punitive!

Trumpaca team player. Understand that everyone defend own opinion. Understand that all fair in love, war, and election.

Trumpaca no rock boat, no indict anyone… Trumpaca forgiving… always… Even if Chinchilla opponent in question do bad thing or have sexual deviant husband.

* Best words get better…


Trumpaca Issues

Trumpaca have Issue…
Trumpaca have many issue... Money, Ex-Wives, Hair-Loss- FBI InvestigationYou not worry…

You worry about filthy Llamas crossing Peru border, stealing job. Stealing social security. You worry about Al Guanaco Terrorists come to kill all, destroy Bolivian way of life. That important!

That necessary to “Make Bolivia GREAT again!