Trumpaca “Stop Immygrunt!”

This Luis the Peruvian Llama

Llama Immygrunt with SombreroLike million other Llama, Luis come to country illegally over Peru border. Every day many Llama come to Trumerica this way, stealing jobs, stealing social security, stealing Trumerican Alpaca sandals right from doorstep. Llama steal everything Alpaca work hard for. Wreck Trumerica Dream.

Trumerica not GREAT right now, it all Luis fault.

It big problem. Llama cross border at night, when Trumerica Homeland Security and Border Guard Alpaca asleep or out not finding Al Guanaco Terrorist. Llama bring cocaine, sell to Alpaclettes outside school. It scandal. It destroy Trumerica society.

Trumpaca STOP Llama crossing border!

But how? Border many miles long, and border guard busy looking for Guanaco with Balaclava in suitcase. Trumpaca no have enough Alpacapower to stop Luis and other Llama. So Trumpaca have GREAT idea. Make Trumerica GREAT again!

Trumpaca build wall all along Peru border. 

Llama no have opposable thumb, so Llama no use ladder or shovel. Peru Border Wall stop Llama in track. Trumpaca also find way to make Peru pay for wall, because it make good election promise. Trumpaca work out how to do this later. Maybe bribe Peru President or sell weapon.

Trumerica is BACK!
Make Trumerica GREAT again!