Trumpaca First Act in Office – Make Country GREAT again!

Trumpaca President now. Have Vision. Get down to Job. Make Country GREAT again. 

But it not easy. Country have old name, tainted by past. Also have copyright conflict with Simón Bolívar. It obvious, Bolivia name low-trust, not representative of 21st Century marketing principle*. Country need new name, need name that not say “I Banana Republic!

Trumpaca rebrand country. Give new name, name that bring global respect. Trumpaca turn country into international brand.

Trumpaca first act in office, rename country TRUMERICA.

Trumerica high-trust brand. Bring back international respect. Bring back job. Make Trumerica GREAT again!

But new brand need new image. It no use have new name, if logo stay same. Complete rebrand needed for make Trumerica GREAT again. That important, so Trumpaca design new flag.

No Step on Snek Flag

Trumerica stand on brink of new era, profitable era.
Trumpaca work hard for country, for citizen and for self.

Make Trumerica GREAT again!

* Trumpaca have BEST WORDS!

2 Responses to Trumpaca First Act in Office – Make Country GREAT again!

  1. Bill O'Goatee July 9, 2017 at 6:17 pm #

    Dammit you guys need to add more material! It’s been 6 months we miss it

  2. Trumpaca July 10, 2017 at 12:48 am #

    Trumpaca work hard. Make Trumerica GREAT again. Must work harder to keep up social presence.

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